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  • 2021/7/23 PM3:00:00Developer Spotlight: Noted
    Four years ago, Noted cofounders Terenze Yuen and Fai Tung came out of an hours-long client meeting with two things: a very lengthy recording and a total lack of enthusiasm for transcribing it. “You can imagine the pain,” Yuen says. Happily, that pain inspired the pair to create Noted, a recording app that lets you add text annotations and hashtags to your recordings as you’re making them. After you tap the big red button, anything you type — “launch update,” “convoluted calculus formula,” “funniest quote of the interview” — is automatically time-stamped.With its mix of audio and text, *Noted* is one of the most powerful note-taking apps in the galaxy.We caught up with Yuen to talk about his app’s growth, Michelle Obama’s inspiring words at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and the challenge of getting artificial intelligence to understand with silence. You’ve said you and your cofounder were inspired by a very long meeting… We were! When we came out, he said, “Do you r ...
  • 2021/7/20 PM8:20:00Tax Category Setting Now Available in App Store Connect
    The App Store makes it easy for you to manage transactions in 175 territories, and Apple administers tax on behalf of developers in 64 of those territories. Now App Store Connect provides the ability to assign tax categories to your apps and in-app purchases. These categories are based on your app's content (for example, videos, books, or news publications) and determine which tax regulations apply in each territory, allowing Apple to administer tax for you at specific rates.To assign categories, visit the Pricing and Availability section for your app in App Store Connect. If a category applies to your app, select it at the app level to apply it to the app and its associated in-app purchases. You can also manage each in-app purchase individually. Your selections will be applied to future transactions and you can view the new Transaction Tax report the first full month after you configure your settings. If you choose not to make any changes, your apps and in-app purchases will be a ...
  • 2021/7/20 PM3:30:00Behind the Design: Loóna
    Andrew Yanchurevich’s inspiration for Loóna came, appropriately enough, at night-night time. As a father of a 3-year-old son, Yanchurevich was well in the habit of reading bedtime stories nearly every night. One evening, he realized his son wasn’t the only one getting drowsy. “What worked well for him was also working for me,” says Yanchurevich. “As I read, I forgot about my thoughts and my plans. My mind came down.” While that night brought Yanchurevich pleasant drowsiness, it also sparked the beginnings of an idea: an app that paired the beauty of a great bedtime story with soothing interactive experiences to help you drift off to dreamland. Together with co-founder and former product designer Eugene Nevgen, they dreamt up a product as gorgeous as it is effective: Loóna. The app winds you down with “sleepscapes,” interactive episodes designed to soothe your mind at the end of your day. “People use their phones at bedtimes, so we wanted to give them a more meaningful way to do it,” Ya ...

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