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  • 2020/7/10 PM1:30:00Behind the Design: Where Cards Fall
    Staking your future on a house of cards may not seem like the best idea for a career. And yet, Sam Rosenthal dealt himself a winning hand with his studio’s game, Where Cards Fall — one more than nine years in the making. “Where Cards Fall was a labor of love for the better part of my life,” he says. Originating as a student project while Rosenthal attended USC, the game evolved over years of late-night coffee shop sessions into a 2020 Apple Design Award winner. “We wouldn’t let [Where Cards Fall] go,” he says. “We had confidence that we were making something special and different and interesting.” Despite early rejections from publishers, Rosenthal and his collaborators cut through a deck stacked against them to make the kind of game they wanted to see more of in the world.Growing up, Rosenthal had an early passion for games and game design. But he found little he could share with his friends or family, who weren’t as interested in the medium. “There weren’t many experiences that they ...
  • 2020/7/9 PM7:11:00How to review your app’s crash logs
    While we’d all prefer it if our apps never crashed, the logs captured from those crashes can help you troubleshoot bugs and get your app up and running again. If and when something goes awry, your app automatically gathers crash reports from people who have opted in to send you anonymized crash data. And you can view that data using the Xcode Organizer on your Mac. Note: While there are several third-party analytics tools that can also provide information on crashing threads when incorporated into your app, you may not always be able to see the full backtrace. Additionally, the log you receive may not be in a format you can send to Apple when filing feedback. Here’s how you can access full crash reports directly from Xcode and your Mac’s Finder. Find your app’s crash logsThere are two ways to view your app’s crash logs. The first provides you with at-a-glance information — like the percentage of people running into crashes on an earlier version of iOS — while the other offers a more de ...
  • 2020/7/7 AM12:17:00New App Store Connect API capabilities now available.
    The App Store Connect API now offers greater flexibility to automate and customize workflows for your app. With these new capabilities, you can: Build and maintain your App Store product page by uploading and managing assets like screenshots, app previews, app description, and more. Create new versions of your app, set up pre-orders, manage phased releases for version updates, and submit your app to App Review. Monitor app performance indicators by downloading power and performance metrics and diagnostics logs. Manage additional resources associated with your developer account, such as unified software signing certificates, multiplatform App IDs, and capabilities. Learn more about the App Store Connect API

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