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  • 2022/6/20 PM10:00:00Meet the prototypers
    Creating a great app, game, or product takes work. Brainstorming ideas, thoughtful iteration, and — as Apple’s Prototyping team knows all too well — feedback. Constant feedback. “If we’re not getting feedback on something, we’re just not showing it to the right people,” says Apple designer Julian Missig. Missig and several other members of the Prototyping team recently hosted a conversation in the Design Digital Lounge for WWDC22 attendees, where they shared their approaches to creating useful prototypes, the value of outside feedback, bringing that special ✨sparkle✨ to early experiences, and design best practices. Check out a few of the highlights from that conversation below.What’s your process when beginning a new prototyping project?We make something, show it to people, learn from their feedback — and do it over and over again. We don't really count how many "drafts" we make, but everything we work on undergoes many, many iterations.How do you even know where to star ...
  • 2022/6/13 PM5:00:00Behind the Design WWDC22
    The Apple Design Awards honors excellence in innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement in app and game design. Our award-winning designers take thoughtful and creative approaches to their apps and games, giving people new ways to work, play, or imagine things that were never before possible. To celebrate our 2022 Apple Design Award-winning apps and games, we've put together a series of interviews with their creators. Starting June 27, go behind the design and learn about our winners' creative process, challenges, and how they brought their bold and distinctive ideas to life.Gibbon: Beyond the TreesComing June 27.Halide Mark IIComing July 5.A Musical StoryComing July 11.ProcreateComing July 18.Wylde FlowersComing July 25.OdioComing August 1.MARVEL Future RevolutionComing August 8.SlopesComing August 15.LEGO Star Wars CastawaysComing August 22.(Not Boring) HabitsComing August 29.Overboard!Coming September 6.Rebel GirlsComing September 12.
  • 2022/6/10 PM9:16:00WWDC22 resources and survey
    Thank you to everyone who joined us for an amazing week. We hope you found value, connection, and fun. You can continue to: Watch sessions at any time. Read about newly announced technologies. Get sample code from sessions. Post on the Apple Developer Forums. We’d love to know what you thought of this year’s conference. If you’d like to tell us about your experience, please complete the WWDC22 survey.Take the survey

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